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White – Blanche

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Born in a modest family, White spent most of her life immersed in books in order to succeed in her studies and then career.

She studied the human body and brain for years, until she became a doctor, and then an hospital director when she was still very young. Her sense of duty shaped her into a hard working woman, and therefore, besides her relationship with Black who she met at a charity gala, she never had a substantial social life. It was the numerous hard decisions that she had to take in order to preserve her hospital complex on track as well as the horrors she had to witness on a daily basis that pushed her to leave as soon as she could the western society.



Within New Dawn

White teaches traditional subjects she still masters brilliantly: anatomy, economy, environmental studies, relaxation, history and ethnocultural studies. She also teaches those who chose her specialization advanced philosophy, and organizes debates around various topics.


White always sports a neutral expression; though she deeply cares about and loves each of her adoptive children. She is so calm that her presence alone is enough to soothe the people close by.

The events she witnessed or suffered during her life took away any faith she could have had for the outside world, to an extent where she is not able to trust anyone besides her close relations.



Affection :

– Everyone


Combat style

White is a peaceful person who hates weapons. She won’t fight unless there is absolutely no other way to protect her children.


Even though she has never had time to devote herself to her passion, White has always been keen on science-fiction and not having been able to go to a convention cosplayed will always be one of her biggest regrets.



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